zondag 28 juli 2013

28th July - Heysham

I decided to write this blog so that I could show some of my old print photos, which I took before the advent of digital photography. This is me standing next to the old stone graves at Heysham, near Morecambe on the Lancashire coast. I may have been trying not to fall backwards off the rock at the time. The graves are thought to date from the 11th century. They are situated next to St. Patrick's Chapel, a small ruined structure not far from the church.

This is a view of the complete row of graves. (It might seem a macabre subject with which to begin a blog but looking through all my old prints I was spoilt for choice).



Although this chapel was said to have been established by St. Patrick when he crossed from Ireland, it was actually built 300 years after his death in the 5th century. A large amount of Saxon, Viking and other archaeological remains have been found in the area. Lancaster Museum contains many of these. Nowadays it is a very tranquil spot where, if you tread quietly, rabbits are often to be seen.
This is St. Peter's Church in the village. There is a Viking hogback stone inside, apparently (I have never thought to look for it but I will on my next visit).


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