donderdag 1 augustus 2013

1st August - Raindrops on roses . . .

I've taken a lot of "flower portraits" since I first got a camera capable of focusing close enough. That was in 1983! Now, of course, with all these Photoshop-type programs you can make a photo look vastly different from when you took it, and all without changing the original! Back in the day, unless you could develop your own, you were at the mercy of whichever photo processor you chose to use. It was often disappointing because they developed the films in such large volumes that you could end up with misalignments, weird exposures and inexplicable colour casts. Most of the time the results were "good enough". Now, of course, you can scan in your old prints and have a second chance.
Sometimes you hear that blogs should have a particular "theme", well, if that is the case I would need at least 20 different blogs and I would never keep up to them, plus I'm not single-minded enough, and enjoy variety, so this is just a blog of whatever, wherever, based on my old photo archives.

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  1. Ik vind het een mooi blog en zeker héél mooie bloemen. Ook de rest vind ik mooi en een blog mag variabel zijn. Het is zéér interessant door de uitleg die je er bij geeft. Proficiat!